1% for Biodiversity

BrightWind has committed 1% of its annual revenue to nature based solutions for biodiversity loss, native tree deforestation and climate change.

Climate change is now a reality. And its not just climate change that is a reality. We are acidifying the oceans, losing sea ice, losing arable land and deforesting the planet at an alarming rate. Not just that, we are going through the 6th biggest mass extinction event the planet has ever faced. The last time this occurred was when a meteorite hit the dinosaurs!

But each of these problems are not the problem, they are symptoms of the problem. The actual problem is the globalised infrastructure humanity has built to rapidly convert resources into waste at a faster and faster rate.

Renewable Energy as vital and key to our future as it is, is not enough to solve these problems.

Fundamentally technology will not solve the problems that technology has created, and that’s why we need nature based solutions.

2019 – Commitment

In December 2019, BrightWind’s entire team spent a day in the west of Ireland planting native trees at Moy Hill Farm. Its important to plant the right tree in the right place. Commercial sitka spruce plantations provide poor habitat for native plants, animals and insects, and also acidify the soil.

At Moy hill farm, by integrating native trees around the farm, they will help to regulate the flow of water across the land improving the quality of the surrounding fields and will also help to clean our air, clean our water, enhance biodiversity and capture carbon.

See the whole team at the 2019 native tree planting day (video below) in the west of Ireland at Moy Hill Farm.

2020 – Commitment

In December 2020, Brightwind donated 1% of its revenue to the Burrenbeo Trust as a pioneer sponsor of the Burren Pine Project.

The native Irish pine was considered to have gone extinct 1500 years ago. In the 17th century a similar pine was introduced from Scotland, hence the common name Scots pine. In 2018, a small stand of native Irish pine was found in the Burren, and was linked through the pollen record to the old growth forests of ancient Ireland.

Our support will be used to plant trees that have been grown from seed collected from the last known stand of Irish pine across sites in the Burren.

2021 – Commitment

In early 2022, Brightwind donated 1% of its revenue to the Burrenbeo Trust Hare’s Corner project. This was generously leveraged further by the NTR foundation bringing the total combined donation to €57,000.

The Hare’s Corner project offers landowners practical support to enhance biodiversity on their land through the creation of habitats such as ponds, native orchards and mini woodlands. It offers local, tangible and achievable action to the biodiversity crisis.

Furthermore, Brightwind is promoting the Hare’s Corner project with wind farm community benefit funds to help scale this project nationally.

Join us on this mission to save our natural world, and reach out if your organisation would be interested to work with us and learn how to commit 1% to biodiversity.